Moving Day

It’s not been an easy decision…but I’m moving back to:


Hope to see you at “The Unfinished Project”!!




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But, How?

The morning air is close…hot, humid, languid….and all seems very still….

The birds aren’t singing….I cannot hear the traffic from the interstate far away…..

and I wonder

about all this stillness….

How sometimes I find it so easy to be still and listen…

other times I rush…..

from here to there….

do this….

do that….

on to the next thing that happens to be on my ‘list’.

I wonder…..and so, I ask…

“God, what do You want me to do next?  What are Your plans for my day?”


A concentrated effort to hear and obey God in the stillness of the morning….this is the easy part…when all is quiet and calm.

What about when the world invades?  Sometimes the day passes by in a blur, and I know that I haven’t taken a moment to be still….there doesn’t seem to be a moment to be still…what about those times?  Aren’t I missing something?

I’m sure that I am….missing God’s direction for my life from minute to minute…missing the Holy Spirit’s leading speaking to my heart and mind….and what about those times?

How do I hear from God when all the voices of the world are clamoring down upon me from all sides….asking, demanding…..


I admit that I want to feel the stillness and quiet at all times.  I admit that I want to always feel the closeness of God within me….around me….always and forever. 

But, how?



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Who Can Count?

Several weeks ago, a friend suggested to me that I just open my Bible–randomly–to Psalms or Proverbs–just find the beginning of several verses and then pray and meditate upon them.

This morning I did just that and opened to Psalm 106.

Praise the LORD!

Give thanks to the LORD for He is good!                   

His faithful love endures forever.

Who can list the glorious miracles of the LORD?

Who can ever praise him half enough?

Happy are those who deal justly with others and always do what is right.

Remember, me, too, LORD, when you show favor to your people;

come to me with your salvation.

Let me share in the prosperity of your chosen ones.

Let me rejoice in the joy of your people; let me praise you with those who are your heritage.   Psalm 106:1-5     

Interesting–since this is what I am doing…..listing the miracles of God, giving thanks for even the small….becoming small and childlike in all my senses….and finding joy that will live and stay within me.

But, who can list the glorious miracles of God?  (verse 3)

So, the list will go on and on…..forever…for the miracles of God are great and many, and His love endures forever! 

45.  Air conditioning on hot, humid days. 

46.  My neighbor’s red geraniums surrounded  by Dusty Millers which remind me of my mom.

47.  Lydia–now 18 months–saying “more kisses, more kisses”.

48.  The wonderment of God working for years to bring me not one…but two….godly fathers who set good examples for me to look up to.

49.  A raindrop falling on my nose.

50.  God’s love endures forever. 

51. Finally being able to eat “chewable” food–even if the list is limited.

52.  Baby blue jays.

53.  First buds appearing on a daylily.




Be sure and stop by to visit the others who are counting the gracefuls of God….the list that will never end…..


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First cup of coffee on the deck…..

Hmmm….it is wet and damp on my bare feet…must have rained last night and I slept right through.  The moon is full….peeking in and out behind the cloud cover.  The sky is just starting to lighten with shades of blue–only seen fleetingly.

I suppose I will stand with my coffee since sitting on wet furniture is not an option.  Still, a gorgeous morning…a day that is full of potential….

Yesterday was Jubilee Day in the town where I live.  I’ve been there…fought the crowds pushing and shoving, shuffling along with the others.  I have to say that I don’t particularly care for Jubilee Day…and I know that I am in the minority in saying this.

I didn’t understand–what is all the ‘jubileeing’ about? 

So, I looked into this…

Apparently, our Jubilee Day was started in 1923…the largest and longest running one day street fair in the entire East Coast.  This was started by the Chamber of Commerce all those years ago….I suppose to create business for the town….I really don’t know.

Some just will not miss this day…the chance to go and buy food and goods from vendors….streets are closed….parking is impossible….took me a longer time than usual to return home yesterday due to the traffic….

And it rained….rained down on Jubilee Day……but, this did not stop those determined to go. 

Maybe I’m missing something….maybe I just can’t see what the vendors have that I may be interested in due to the fact that I cannot make my way to their stand because of  the massive amount of people crowding one street–estimated to be 60,000 people. 

Or maybe I’m just not interested.  And those who don’t understand this….well, they just don’t have to understand me. 

I’m me….I know that I don’t care for this day of festivities….I don’t mind that others do love this day….but, please don’t try to convince me that this will be ‘fun’ for me. 

Because it is not….


Oh, yes….the July Giveaway is still going on until Monday evening!!  Only a couple of entries so far…I’m wanting to give these away.  All it takes is a comment and you could be the winner!!

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I know it’s not Monday.  I haven’t gone that far off in my mind with this illness…

After finishing Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” for the second time, I am struck by how when I am full of grace–filled by noticing and counting the small gifts that God has bestowed upon me–that I am so much more easily able to allow this grace to flow to others. 

Sometimes I have a problem with this…a word spoken, a look given, something that is just not going “my” way.  But, is “my” way the way that God is allowing matters to proceed in my life? 

And when these ‘things’ happen, I can quickly go back to the place of the “unflowing grace” person.  I have to stop and think and be thankful for every circumstance.

Yes, this is sometimes difficult…this being thankful for every circumstance….

I have learned that when life’s circumstances tend to bend a little (or a lot)  in what I consider to be the wrong direction that I need to stop, think, pray….STP. 

Today, this will be yet another note taped upon my computer monitor along with Chronos vs. Kairos.  STP–remember to stop, think, pray…before speaking, before reacting instead of responding.

36.  Hummingbird with wings going so fast they are a blur coming to visit my red T-shirt

37.  Red-headed woodpecker on my neighbor’s tree

38.  Boys with fishing rods walking by…asking them what they’re going to catch…their response….”whatever we get”

39.  Kids in bright yellow tubes floating on the creek on the hot, hot days

40.  Friends and family who care beyond caring

41.  A bird singing a new song every morning

42.  Jesus

43.  God loving me…all the time, every moment, chosen, helping me to remember to give thanks in all things….

44.  A small girl in a bubble bath–reminding me that I must become more childlike and enjoy the very small in this life

Stop by and see all those who are counting their blessings…leading them a full of grace life…

Remember….each comment earns you a chance of winning in the “July Giveaway”.  Perhaps I’ll post a picture tomorrow…


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Sleeping Beauty??? (and June Giveaway Winner!!)

Yesterday was my first day back to work.  Need I say that after being off sick for a week that this day took a lot out of me…

Came home after work and decided to lay down for a bit before a meeting that evening.  I left my phone on the kitchen counter….headed for the bedroom…into bed…fully clothed…and I’m just now waking up!!  Who is that in the fairy tale…you know…the person who slept for all those years?  I’m not thinking of Sleeping Beauty….there is another one and I just can’t think of the name…

I woke up this morning to missed phone calls, text messages and emails wondering where I am…..asleep….that’s where I was…and sadly, I think I could sleep some more!!

So, I have picked the winner of the “June Giveaway”:

There were 8 comments between the time I announced this and last evening.  I put these into a random number generator….

And the winner is Pam!!

So, Pam….you need to contact me with your two favorite colors and your mailing address.  I’ll knit two dish cloths and crochet two hot pads in the colors of your choice and ship these off to you!! 

Congratulations, Pam!!

We are moving onto the “July Giveaway” before it is July.  Why you may say?  Because these are specifically ‘patriotic’ and could be used at a “4th of July” gathering.   I want to be sure that these are in your hands by the 4th!!

We’ll run this contest from today until next Monday evening…winner to be announced next Tuesday…this way you’ll have them in plenty of time!!

Off to get ready for a day of work….


 By the way….yesterday I mentioned that my two daughters were coming to clean last evening….they decided to do this today rather than yesterday….too bad…if the vacuum were running I wouldn’t have slept through my meeting (or perhaps I would have?)….


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This Is The Last Day!

I am finally going back to work today.  Nothing like spending a whole week’s vacation time being ill, down and out, and unable to do anything. 

The upside of this is that I am feeling better–not 100% by any means, but well enough to return for a day of work.  My two daughters are coming this afternoon to clean and do the laundry for me–things I wasn’t able to accomplish this past week.

And while I was off, I did make reservations for a cottage in Chincoteague, VA–one of my favorite places–for a week in September.  Both daughters and my granddaughter will be coming too–along with my son, girlfriend and her two children.  My son and entourage will only be staying for a three day weekend, but it will be wonderful to have a vacation which is a “true” vacation….something I haven’t enjoyed in 10+ years. 

So, as I recuperate I’ve been able to progress from a clear liquid diet (for 3 days) to a low fiber diet.  I’ll be on the low fiber for approximately two weeks while gradually working my way up to a high fiber (25-30 grams/day). 

And this time….I’m going to listen.  This is my 4th bout with this diverticulitis–totally not enjoyable–and I’m going to do my best to avoid getting this again. 

Just a quick note–off to get ready for the work week. 

Remember the June giveaway….today is the last day to enter!!


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