Word for the Week

Yesterday I mentioned that I have a “Word for the Week”.  Last week, my word from God was “cherished”. 

You might ask how I find or know these words.  Well, the answer is fairly simple–I pray for this.  I pray that God replace a thought or something that is going on in my life with a word or thought that is from Him and not from me. 

And God, being who He is, always comes through……

I’ve had a stressful few months with a lot happening that I did not want occurring in my life.  This led to a lot of turmoil within me….a feeling that I was going to “jump out of my skin” sometimes.  I was feeling anxious, afraid at times for no particular known reason,  angry when there was nothing to make me angry, tearful when something small occurred…and well, you get the picture….all of the things that are not from God…and they seemed to continue and continue….bouncing around in my mind and heart until I felt I could stand no more of this. 

I was talking this over with a prayerful friend, and she suggested that I try this “replacing with prayer”…. ask  God to just not take away the negativity, but to replace this with something that I know is from Him…perhaps then find Bible verses that coincide with “the word”.

As I said, last week’s word was “cherished”.  I was definitely feeling alone, unloved, not cared for by anyone, and as previously mentioned, stressed to the max!

So, I prayed one evening for God to replace all of these negative thoughts and feelings with “a word” from Him.  And He placed the word “cherished” in my mind. 

Off to my Bible…God’s Word….searching for verses that tell me how God cherishes me.  And, I found many…..I chose just one verse…wrote it on an index card….carried it with me wherever I went.  When these anxious feelings, negative thoughts started popping up in my heart and mind, I would pull out my index card….read the verse and allow God’s Word to soak into me.

What a difference this has made in the past week!

I thought I would share this with you.  Perhaps others could benefit from this…a word or phrase from God that will carry through the stresses of life here on this earth.

This week, God has given me the word “peace”.

This word filled my heart and mind on Sunday….a feeling of peace within….the feeling that God wants us to have….even in the midst of turmoil….to feel His peace within us….knowing with 100% certainty that regardless of what is happening around us, occurring within our own lives, that He is still in control, we can count on Him to be ever faithful, never failing, standing by His promises to us.

Courtesy of Crosswalk

The month of May rolled around, so I was searching to replace the background for my computer.  I went to Crosswalk (where I usually find a background I like), and the first one that popped up was the one above.

Jeremiah 29:11–For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Is it possible to feel peaceful even in the midst of so much going on in this world, so much going on in our own lives and the lives of those we love and care for?

Thankfully, the answer is yes.  Lay your burdens at the foot of the Cross….give them to God (remember not to take them back!), and He will fill your heart and mind with peace.  Jesus says “His yoke is light and easy”.  So, I’m feeling that if I don’t feel “light and easy”, it’s because I’m not sharing my burdens with Jesus…for Him (and not me) to take care of.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted regarding the peacefulness of this week….and, of course, what my word for next week will be.

I’d be interested to see if others would like to try this….interested in what their word from God is and how this affected their live.  If you would like to try this, please let me know. 

Believe me, it is well worth it…..



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First and foremost, I love our Lord!! He is the center of all things in my life. I am the mother of three, grandmother of one. I love to knit, crochet, sew and create.
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1 Response to Word for the Week

  1. Peggy says:

    Beautiful WORD and message Beth!

    Discovered this today God’s WORD Today

    Did you ever hear of these in the beginning of the year?: ONE WORD
    MY ONE WORD (buttons are at the end of my blog)

    Btw… no email still. It’s OK… but you asked me in SS comment and I have no idea where “Did you get my email address?” no!


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