Challenging Projects?

I have a couple of projects in my mind that are going to be a challenge to me. 

The first one is that I’ve decided to try to knit a sweater.  I’ve done a lot of knitting since I picked this back up several years ago.  But, never ever have I knit a sweater.  Lydia was here over the weekend, and I noticed that the sweater she had on seems to be getting a little small.  I was looking at this and thought to myself that it didn’t seem to be too complicated.

So, I’ve been looking for a hooded sweater (relatively simple) that buttons down the front for easiness of putting this on her. 

I thought I found one, and then realized that this only fits up to 24 months.  I’m not too sure that this will fit her by the fall since she is very tall for her age.  Any suggestions?

Also…..the landscaping of my home does not look welcoming.  Instead, it seems to say “stay away”!!

I don’t have the funds for a professional landscaper, and I’ve been looking for ideas online for landscaping for a basic ranch house.  None of these seem to fit my home or my budget.

I’ll take some pics when I come home…still dark outside right now…..any ideas would be appreciated!!  This is something I really want to be able to do (a small portion at a time). 

Thanks for any and all suggestions (pics of the front of the house to come)!!



About warmharte

First and foremost, I love our Lord!! He is the center of all things in my life. I am the mother of three, grandmother of one. I love to knit, crochet, sew and create.
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