Before…………….and After

On Saturday, the sun was shining for a change.  I don’t remember a time of having days of rain and rain and rain in a long time.

Since the day was predicted to be nice on Friday, I stopped and picked up some plants to start my outside renovations.

I started early Saturday morning with my brick sidewalk which is totally overgrown with weeds and some sort of spindly, vine-type stuff coming through each and every space.  I worked on this for about an hour and soon realized that this was a fruitless endeavor.  I tried the vinegar-salt-dish detergent combo weed killer–poured this on, went in the house, puttered around and waited for this to work.

It worked…..the weeds were dried up, but they still needed pulled.  I began again….pulling these out from in between tiny spaces in the bricks.

As I’m pulling, I’m thinking to myself how I really wanted to do the area for the plants I had gotten….how long is this going to take….and other thoughts that have no business being in my head.  Frustration was looming, it was becoming a little too warm for my taste, and I wasn’t going to accomplish what I set out to do.

As I’m thinking, muttering to myself, and all the while liking the brick sidewalk but wishing it weren’t there, a truck pulls in my driveway!!  These are two young friends of all 3 of my children……just ‘showed up’ to help!!  THANK YOU!!

So, we now have some before and after pictures.  These areas are not completed.  They’re not ‘mature’, and still need some additional ‘fillers’ (hopefully next weekend).



We actually took all of the bricks out of place, then cleaned up the weeds, placed a layer of sand, turned the bricks up on their sides to make a narrower, more fresh walkway, then finished off with more leveling sand in between the bricks…..still need a little more of this sand to fill in some more. 

A few perrenials….some fountain grass which is in the corner, a couple of dwarf evergreens….made all the difference in the world!

Next, we tackled the corner spot at the end of my driveway:




This is a totally shady area, surrounded by trees in the back.  Three different varieties of hosta, an astilbe, and some purple coral bells make all the difference in the world!

As I said, this project is not complete yet.  But, I wanted to show you some pictures of the progress made.

For the back area with the hosta, I’m going to add in some impatiens or begonias (since they love the shade also) for a pop of color.  Also, there will be variegated dogwood shrub in the back corner which I couldn’t find on Friday but have since. 

A hard day’s work…all accomplished with help of two friends who just ‘showed up’ when they were needed.  We were dirty, sweaty, tired, muscles aching, but a good feeling of a sense of accomplishment!



About warmharte

First and foremost, I love our Lord!! He is the center of all things in my life. I am the mother of three, grandmother of one. I love to knit, crochet, sew and create.
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1 Response to Before…………….and After

  1. Peggy says:

    Really looks beautiful Beth and much work to accomplish this! Hope your muscles and help are back to normal… it was so good you had help!

    Back in the beginning of May, we shared some dialog but it has not yet been resolved and I don’t understand but I pray and trust God

    Did you get my email address?

    May 2, 2011 3:59 AM

    Beth, I’m glad that you are back blogging. I pray God’s promises and this video bless your week and you!

    Perfect reminder we all need. No, I’ve checked often for any news or current email for you. Have not seen one that works… I’ll go back to your blog… not even your comment was linked to an email. I kinda had given up on us. Oh, well!

    I try to read and stay caught up with almost daily blogs from you (Woo Hoo) but it looks like you are not visiting or wanting to stay in touch so sadly I will accept this.

    It’s good to see your house being renovated. Hoping its growth is how you envision and plan it to look. Every garden takes time, nurturing and plenty of sun and rain to help it grow. Projects and precious Lydia look wonderful! My favorite photo was the 3 of you at the piano… it was good to see that the tragic destruction into the front of your house did not destroy that JOY and you are getting it all back to looking good. EnJOY your spring/summer planting and watching it bloom.

    Sorry,for all this but since we can’t email, I needed somewhere to let you know unless God stirs it in you.

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