Chicken Broth For The Ailment

So, I haven’t been feeling well since the weekend.  And, me…..I was thinking it was a GI bug that would run its course.

But, then Monday afternoon the pain started–the dull achy abdominal pain.   I went to the doctor yesterday–sent for yet another CT scan of my abdomen.

And yes, the diverticulitis is back–for the fourth time.  The sad part is that I did this to myself.

In trying to eat healthier, I was searching for bread in the grocery store.  “Ah, yes!!”, I say to myself.  “Here is some 12 grain bread–full of fiber–very good and healthy!!”  And I buy it.  And I eat it.

Eat this bread–not even thinking about all the little seeds that are in these 12 grains.  Seeds that get stuck in the diverticuli and then become infected causing the pain.

The good news is that none of these have abscessed–which can happen and is not a pleasant thing at all. 

On to two antibiotics at the same time, a clear liquid diet for about 4-5 days, and sparingly taking pain medication.  Why sparingly?  Because I cannot mask the pain in case this would get worse indicating above stated abscess.  I can only take the edge off the pain.

So, here I am…..having a cup of chicken broth for breakfast.  Very yummy!!  Anybody care for some?

Then back to bed to rest and recuperate…..

Have a good day in Him,


And the June giveaway is still on!!!



About warmharte

First and foremost, I love our Lord!! He is the center of all things in my life. I am the mother of three, grandmother of one. I love to knit, crochet, sew and create.
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2 Responses to Chicken Broth For The Ailment

  1. pam says:

    Oh, my grandmother had that problem. Praying health and restoration of strength!

  2. Saw your request at The Lighthouse of Prayer and left a prayer for you. May God heal your body in the name of Jesus and bring you back to normal in the name of Jesus.

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