I know it’s not Monday.  I haven’t gone that far off in my mind with this illness…

After finishing Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” for the second time, I am struck by how when I am full of grace–filled by noticing and counting the small gifts that God has bestowed upon me–that I am so much more easily able to allow this grace to flow to others. 

Sometimes I have a problem with this…a word spoken, a look given, something that is just not going “my” way.  But, is “my” way the way that God is allowing matters to proceed in my life? 

And when these ‘things’ happen, I can quickly go back to the place of the “unflowing grace” person.  I have to stop and think and be thankful for every circumstance.

Yes, this is sometimes difficult…this being thankful for every circumstance….

I have learned that when life’s circumstances tend to bend a little (or a lot)  in what I consider to be the wrong direction that I need to stop, think, pray….STP. 

Today, this will be yet another note taped upon my computer monitor along with Chronos vs. Kairos.  STP–remember to stop, think, pray…before speaking, before reacting instead of responding.

36.  Hummingbird with wings going so fast they are a blur coming to visit my red T-shirt

37.  Red-headed woodpecker on my neighbor’s tree

38.  Boys with fishing rods walking by…asking them what they’re going to catch…their response….”whatever we get”

39.  Kids in bright yellow tubes floating on the creek on the hot, hot days

40.  Friends and family who care beyond caring

41.  A bird singing a new song every morning

42.  Jesus

43.  God loving me…all the time, every moment, chosen, helping me to remember to give thanks in all things….

44.  A small girl in a bubble bath–reminding me that I must become more childlike and enjoy the very small in this life

Stop by and see all those who are counting their blessings…leading them a full of grace life…

Remember….each comment earns you a chance of winning in the “July Giveaway”.  Perhaps I’ll post a picture tomorrow…



About warmharte

First and foremost, I love our Lord!! He is the center of all things in my life. I am the mother of three, grandmother of one. I love to knit, crochet, sew and create.
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